Things To Do In Orlando

When you think of Orlando, the first words that come to your mind are probably “theme parks.” There is a good reason for that. Disney and Universal have 9 theme parks in the city, all of which cater to millions of visitors every year. While theme parks might dominate the landscape, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else to do. Shopping, dining, and a thriving nightlife are all available to visitors all year round. Here are some of the top attractions in Orlando, theme parks and all.

Universal Island of Adventure

Universal Island of Adventure is named for a big movie studio, but it truly is a universal place to have fun. There is something for all ages, where some other theme parks are more targeted at certain demographics. There are theme rides that simulate blockbuster movies, huge roller coasters, and plenty of action for the little ones as well. The biggest draw in the park is the “Wizarding world of Harry Potter,” which provides many fun and interactive experiences for fans of the book and movie series.

Magic Kingdom

There is a reason why one of the local sports teams is called the Magic. It’s all because of this theme park, which was Disney World’s first and still most popular. Cinderella’s castle is known around the world as a symbol of fun and adventure. The park boasts roller coasters, theme rides, simulations, and seemingly thousands of other fun activities and experiences. It is mostly geared towards youngsters, but adults will also love the nostalgia and magic of the kingdom.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld also offers experiences for the whole family. This is the place to experience the wonders of the deep up close and personal. Watch a show and say hello to a dolphin or even a great white. Or, you can travel through the shark tunnel to experience what it’s like surrounded by sharks under the ocean.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is well worth the 45 minute drive out of the city, whether you are a space lover or not. This is the place where many of the most famous space missions started. There is a lot to learn and do at the space center, where you can check out original shuttles like the Apollo Saturn V, and experience life on a space station with the zero gravity simulator.

Discovery Cove

Discovery cove is a wonderfully intimate alternative to nearby SeaWorld. Where SeaWorld is bold and commercial, Discovery Cove is more personal. You can still get up close and personal, but in a more natural setting, at least as natural as a theme park can be. You can swim with dolphins, go snorkeling with exotic fish, or float along the “Wind-Away River” and visit jungles and caves full of animal wonder to discover.

These are just some of the many theme park attractions that away in Orlando. There is something for everyone, so the whole family can enjoy.